Our Team:

Marianna Mullens
joined us in spirit in June 2016, and shortly after in body in July (when she helped us work our first festival). Her initial title might have been something closer to Project Manager but in my mind when first came aboard she was more like our Chief Cat Herder and Jane of All Trades. Rhetoric Coffee would absolutely not exist without her input, hard work, and brilliant mind. Currently her position is Co-owner, and CFO.

Colin Curtin Co-founded the company and put together our first website and most of our initial operating policies. His work history is massive and impressive, and in addition to all that he is a rather down to earth, easy to make smile father. Currently his position is Co-Founder.

James Parrish Co-founded the company with Colin and dreamt up a lot of this stuff. His work previous is over 7.5 years in various roles at Blue Bottle Coffee, Founder at Alchemy Collective Cafe, and a barista at Peet's for 4.75 years. Currently his positions in the company are Co-founder, CEO, Head Roaster, Head of QC, Green Buyer, and Co-owner.